Compact online trace N₂ in argon/helium analyser with Enhanced plasma discharge (Epd) technology*


< 1 ppb

Ten times lower limit of detection compared to competitor instruments

Proprietary design

leak free flow controller

Interference free

Powerful processing algorithm backed by a digital signal processor, treating multi spectral data

Not affected by moisture or other impurities in the sample background

Advanced embedded interface and software

Industrial grade touch screen display

IIoT ready

Ultra stable


Ultra compact

Designed for 19'' rack

(133 x 202 x 330 mm)

(5.23 x 8.0 x 13.0 in)

Multi language user interface

12 months internal data storage

Interactive help

Powered by

Epd technology

The N₂Sense is powered by the Enhanced plasma discharge (Epd)* technology. Compared to other commercially available analysers which use a single wavelength measurement, the N₂Sense uses a combination of the unique stabilising and focusing electrodes* and electron injection electrodes* with the spectral compensation* optical measurement to improve performance and signal stability. This is a super enhanced version of the previous technology introduced in 1995 (the K2001 from Kontrol Analytik).

Application capabilities

Air separation plant

Chemical plant

Argon purification plant

Semiconductor plant

Process control

Gas management system

Helium liquefication plant

Hydrogen purification plant

Leak testing

Speciality gas laboratories

Cryogenic truck loading

Medical gas

Steel industry

Welding control

Glove box


Unsurpassed performance with Epd technology

The versatility and the precision of the N₂Sense can be achieved because of our unique Epd technology*. This technology, which surpasses other commercially available plasma technology, is characterised by two main innovative features. 

Stabilising/Focusing electrodes

Resolve plasma source instability (quenching) and hence signal to noise improvement at low concentration.

Electron injection electrodes

Resolve plasma source instability (quenching) and hence signal to noise improvement at low concentration.

Spectral compensation technology

Unique to our Epd technology* and to our proprietary spectral compensation algorithm*.

Cancel measurement drift from ambient pressure, flow and temperature variations.

The result is an unsurpassed measurement precision

Proprietary trap

Our new trap is made of a proprietary material (not molecular sieve). It offers a better absorption to moisture, hydrocarbons and organic compounds. As it has no affinity to N₂ but absorb hydrocarbons and organic compounds, it does not delay the response and resolve the problem of the former technology.


A special doping compounds (H₂O + proprietary compounds) is added to the plasma. In combination with the focusing/stabilising and electron injection electrodes, this compound helps to further stabilise the plasma discharge and improve the plasma deexcitation process by which photons are emitted for the optical measurement.

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