A quantum leap in gas purification


Carrier gas purifier

Dual vessel purification design

< 1 ppb achievable

With dual vessel and LipLOK / VCR    fitting


No H₂ release

Proprietary dual vessel design

Twice the lifetime

Dual vessel process doubles the lifetime compared to competitors

4 years at nominal flow

With extended lifetime option

Higher flow capacity

300 mL/min (1L/min in option)

Ar, He, Ne, Xe and Kr (N₂ in option) purification

Mass spectrometer

Reference gas generator for TCD analyzers

Zero gas generator for calibration of on-line analyzers

Perfect for all kinds of detector: plasma, HID, DID, FID, PDID, TCD, ECD, etc

ASDPure is configured with a dual vessel purification process (Single vessel optional). The proprietary dual stage purification design unlocks a better purification process and higher performances.

  1. High temperature (400⁰C) first stage to remove all the main impurities such as O₂, N₂ , HCs, CO, CO₂ , H₂O, VOCs ​​

  2. Lower temperature (180⁰C) second stage to remove H₂


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